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Subject: pics naturist child Hamza and His Sons Chapter 7This story russian defloration children
is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents
either are the product of the author's fucking children photo
imagination or are used
fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all
characters is entirely a photos children fucking figment of the author's imagination. For those of
you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you
are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials
in your area, you should be leaving at this time.This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between gallery child naked
father and his
sons, or under age fucking children photo boys and adult males, which may not be legal in your
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I'd like to thank Stephen for all the proofreading and editing work he did.
Hamza And His Sons Chapter 7 Alp heard the door slam and a naked child porno pics naturist child man's voice started to scream at them
in anger.
"What the fuck is going on here?"
Alp froze when he heard the voice. It was very familiar. child imgboard
There was no
doubt about it: it was his father's. Alp couldn't see his father, because
his face was covered with Hamza's and asians children porn child illegal pics his sons' semen. Alp wasn't able to
open his eyes. The boy was down on his knees between Hamza's legs and the
man's cock was touching Alp's lips. Tolga and Emre nud child gallery was either side of the
boy and they were rubbing their dicks on Alp's cheeks.
Alp was sure that the voice belonged to his father but at the same
time he was so in to sucking the love juice out of Hamza's dick, he just
couldn't let go of it and he was still sucking the last drops of semen from
Hamza's cock.
Mr. Levent yelled again:
"What is going on here, Hamza? Why is my son naked and on his knees
between your legs?"
Hamza said: "Mr. Levent... I can explain."
Mr. Levent said:
"What are you going to explain, Hamza? How could you explain why you are
all naked and why my son's face is naked child porno covered in semen?"
Hamza couldn't answer. He was speechless.
Mr. Levent ordered Hamza to clean his son's face.
Hamza leaned down to get a t-shirt from the floor, but Mr. Levent
stopped him and said:
"No Hamza, Clean his face with your tongue!"
Hamza kneeled down on the floor and became almost at the same level of
Alp and then he started to eat the cum off the boy's face. The taste of the
mixture of his own and his two boys' semen was surprisingly good.
Mr. picz porn children Levent ordered Hamza's boys to join their father. The boys willingly
obeyed Mr. Levent's order.
While they cleaned the cum off his face, Alp opened his eyes and he was
completely shocked, when he saw his father standing right next to
Hamza. Mr. Levent was naked and his huge hard-on pointed at his son's
face. The mushroom head of Mr. Levent's dick was almost touching Alp's
lips. Alp looked up at his father and then looked down again to his
father's huge dick. It was 11 inches long and it looked very thick.
Mr. Levent shook his big cock in front of his boy's face and he
chuckled, when he saw Alp mesmerized by his big dick. The boy followed the
big tool with his eyes; it almost made him look cross-eyed.
Mr. Levent finally spoke to his son.
"Alp, Hamza told me that you like to suck big dicks and to eat semen
very much. Is that true?"
Alp nodded his head, still staring at his father's monstrous dick.
Mr. Levent smiled. He had a devilish look in his eyes. Then, he said to
"C'mon, my little boy whore. My big dick is waiting for your hot
mouth. Go on. Suck it... Suck my big dick and drain my balls."
One more time Alp looked into his father's eyes and then back at his
father's big dick.
Mr. Levent just couldn't wait anymore. He tapped the mushroom-shaped
head child playing nude of his daddy cock on his son's hot lips. Precum oozed out of his love
tool on his son's red lips. When Alp tasted his father precum, child fuckvideo the boy
realized that he wasn't dreaming. He opened his mouth wide and started to
suck the huge cock. Mr. Levent moaned when he felt the velvety feeling of
his son's mouth. Levent was almost disappointed that he had to wait so long
for this.
He remembered that one day that he was walking around the vineyard and
that he was close to Hamza's house. All of a sudden he heard a loud scream
and hardcor with child he was sure that the scream came from his son. He went inside Hamza's
house. The only light was coming from Hamza's bedroom. The door was
slightly pass to altbinariespictureschild open and he peeked inside the room to see what was going
on. Mr. Levent was shocked when he saw Alp with Hamza and his two nude children fucking sons,
Emre and Tolga. Alp was lying on pics naked children the bed, his legs were on Hamza's
shoulders and Hamza was fucking Alp like a machine. Alp was sucking Emre's
cock and Hamza's younger son Tolga was sucking Alp's dick. Mr. Levent
wanted to open the door and stop them. Hamza and his two sons were using
his son but he realized that his pants were tenting with an aching dick. He
realized he was enjoying it to see his son being fucked and molested by an
adult man. Mr. Levent took his lollita kiddy child dick out and started to wank off. He had the
most incredible orgasm of his adult sexy child nudes life, just by watching his son being
fucked. After that day, Mr. Levent encouraged his wife to let Alp stay over
at Hamza's house so that he secretly could go over to Hamza's house and
watch the four of them having sex.
After a while, Mr. Levent started to dream of having sex with his own
son. naked child porno He made every excuse to see his son naked. He wanted to give him a
bath and he wanted to tuck him in and kiss Alp's cheek and neck. He found
every opportunity to pull Alp onto his lap and watch TV together, while he
stroked his son's legs and lightly kissing the boy's neck. He couldn't keep
Alp on his lap too long because of his big hard on. He didn't chill nude pics
want his son
to realize that he wanted to fuck him and that he wanted to shove his huge
dick into his son's mouth, all the way down his throat.
Finally, he made a plan. He would film the four of them having sex and
then blackmail Hamza, by threatening his servant that he will give the tape
to the russian defloration children police. Of course, Mr. Levent had no intention to do so. He just
wanted to scare Hamza and his two sons and to join their sex games. He also
wanted to be in charge of the situation and what could have been a better
way then by inventing a story that he was about to give their sex tape to
the police?
He taped Hamza, his sons and Alp having sex and the next day he
called Hamza into his office and showed him the tape. Hamza was so scared,
that he was willing to do whatever Mr. Levent asked him to do. First,
Mr. Levent made Hamza call his sons and had his servant suck his big dick
and lick his pics naked children feet in front of Hamza's sons. They were ready to do anything
Mr. Levent wanted them to. After showing his big dick and depositing his
cum down Hamza's throat, Mr. Levent asked Hamza when the next time would
be when Hamza would fuck Alp with his two boys. Mr. Levent also made sure
that Hamza wouldn't say anything to Alp, about his plan that he would show
up while they were having sex the next time.
Suddenly, Mr. Levent came back to reality by the awesome feeling of
his son's mouth gave him. Alp looked his father in the eyes and sucked him
like an expert cocksucker whore. Alp was lollita kiddy child making slurping noises and he took
his father's dick out of his mouth to kiss it and to rub the big dick all
over his face, before putting it back into his mouth. Mr. Levent closed his
eyes. He knew he couldn't hold it much longer. He was ready to shoot his
load. Without any warning, he started to pump his load in his son's mouth,
while screaming with pleasure. To his surprise, Alp was gulping down his
tasty cock juice down into his stomach without any problem. He drank every
drop of it from his father's cum fountain. When Mr. children clips
Levent finished
cumming, he pulled his son up into his arms and started kissing his boy on
the lips. Alp's lips were cherry red because of all the sucking and french
Mr. Levent pushed his tongue into his boy's mouth and kissed him
passionately. Alp was so happy to finally to have sex with all the favorite
men of his life.
Alp looked deep into his father's eyes and smiled. chilporn He said:
"Father, how did you find out about us?"
Then, Mr. Levent told his son about he caught the four of them having
sex and how that made him realize that he wanted to fuck his son Alp, Hamza
and his sons so badly.
Mr. Levent and Alp kissed and hugged each other, while Hamza and his
sons Emre and child sex movi Tolga were doing hardcor with child
the same right next to them. They all knew
this was the beginning of a great relationship between fathers and sons;
they were going to have hot sex together many times. In the future, maybe
even with other father and sons. So stick around and find out what the next
chapter will be about. Who will fuck whom or who will give his son or sons
to another adult man in exchange of favors?Here ends the seventh chapter of my first attempt at a Man-boy story.I had great fun writing it. I love hearing from my perverted readers, so
please feel free to send me an email at burakbergehotmail.com with any
questions, comments or suggestions for future work!.Thanks!

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